Puppies arriving in 2019

K9MD have puppies arriving in 2019!

In 2019 K9MD is excited to be welcoming more puppies into the programme. They will be well looked after, loved and trained to become valuable Medical Alert or Medical Detection Dogs to help save lives.

We will have a Golden Retriever puppy and another German shepherd puppy this year. They are coming from the Heisenberg Kennels and from the Lukhan Gold Kennels.

Our German shepherd will be coming from the Heisenberg Kennels. This means our puppies genetics will be coming from some of the most sort after ‘working dog’ lines in Europe today. The Heisenberg Kennels dogs are well known for their stability, great temperaments and hard-working dogs in the industry; ranging from search and rescue dogs, through to security dogs, police dogs, guide dogs and herding dogs.

Our Golden Retriever puppy will be coming from Lukhan Gold Kennels. Lukhan Golden Retrievers are well known for their stamina in the field, they have excellent temperament, a strong retrieval drive and agility at work. They are raised in a family environment with a team of cats, making them easy going dogs from the get-go. They come from a well-selected line from Quebec, Canada and the USA.

We look forward to working with our new puppies in 2019 and training them to become valuable Medical Alert and Medical Detection dogs in New Zealand.


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