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Levi had a photo shoot

Our gorgeous Levi was lucky enough to have his own photo shoot! Getting a dog to sit still can be hard at the best of times, but a puppy is almost impossible! Take a look at three-month-old Levi.

As you can see from some of our behind the scenes shots here, Pauline worked closely with the photographer to make sure Levi was sitting still and looking at the camera. Pauline and Levi had lots of fun on the day and you can see some behind the scenes shots of Levi and Pauline having some fun hugs. Levi won’t be a puppy forever, so it’s great to be able to share this stage of his development with everyone.

German shepherds certainly know how to grow, with the average male German shepherd practically doubling in weight each month for the first three months and going from around 4kg at one month of age to 40kg by one-year-old. By the time Levi reaches 12 months, his weight will be pretty stable, and he’ll be fully grown.

We’re happy to be able to share these shots of Levi as a puppy with you, as one of New Zealand’s first medical detection dogs, Levi will be pretty busy working by the time he’s two so it’s lovely to be able to look back and remember these days when he was a happy go lucky puppy, although he’ll certainly keep his playful nature for years to come!

Would you like to help raise Levi? Find out more on how you can help raise Levi.

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