K9 Medical Detection New Zealand Charitable Trust
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No: CC55179

Leaving a Legacy



When we pass away each one of us leaves a legacy, an enduring mark on the world in which we lived. Some marks are large, some are small, but each one plays an important part in shaping our legacy.

After just ten short years in our lives, our German shepherd, Blaze, left a huge legacy. She taught us unconditional love, undying devotion and gave us an insight into the intelligence and extraordinary sensory abilities that dogs possess. Blaze became the inspiration for K9 MEDICAL DETECTION NZ and remains so to this day.

By leaving a Lifetime Legacy your kindness and compassion will enable us to continue the work inspired by Blaze and carried out by the incredible dogs at K9 MEDICAL DETECTION.

When preparing your Will, we recommend that you seek the assistance and guidance of your family solicitor to ensure that your wishes are properly met. Please ensure to include the following -I give the sum of $[insert sum] to the K9 Medical Detection New Zealand Charitable Trust for the purposes of the said trust. A receipt taken by my trustee as being given on behalf of K9 Medical Detection New Zealand Charitable Trust will be a complete discharge to my trustee for the legacy. If you do not have a family solicitor K9MD can put you in touch with an independent solicitor for unbiased legal advice.

We appreciate that everyone’s circumstances are different so it is important that your Lifetime Legacy is right for you. If you would like to discuss your wishes and any aspects of K9 MEDICAL DETECTION NZ Charitable Trust please do not hesitate to contact - 

email - pauline@k9medicaldetection.nz

phone - 021 212 7967

All correspondence or conversations will be held in strict confidence. Should you wish to leave K9 MEDICAL DETECTION NZ a gift in your Will your name will be placed on our Lifetime Legacy board at our training facility so that, just like Blaze, you will forever be part of the vital work K9 MEDICAL DETECTION dogs do detecting cancer and saving lives. 

Our heartfelt thanks.

Our Values

  • Professional in everything we say and do
  • Respectful of everyone
  • Ethical always acting with integrity
  • Innovation we challenge the status quo, in keeping with advances in science and medicine to continually improve the service provided
  • Excellence in the quality of the service we provide
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