K9 Medical Detection New Zealand Charitable Trust
Charitable Trust Registration
No: CC55179

Medical Alert Assistance Dogs

K9 Medical Detection New Zealand has been included into Government legislation under the Dog Control Act 1996.

Schedule 5: K9 Medical Detection New Zealand inserted, on 28 June 2019 by clause 3(2) of the Dog Control (Schedule 5) Order 2019 (LI 2019/145).

This means that a K9 Medical Detection NZ staff member, volunteer or client have the right to take a K9 Medical Alert / Detection ‘In Training’ puppy or dog, or a certified Medical Alert Assistance dog into any public place – including supermarkets, shopping malls, food outlets, motels or hotel, movie theatre and restaurants. They are also entitled to travel on all forms of public transport.

Discrimination against persons relying upon or training a Medical Alert Assistance Dog may be considered a breach of the Human Rights Act 1993 and or the Dog Control Act 1996.

K9 Medical Detection New Zealand is authorised to train dogs for the following disabilities:




Allergies causing anaphylaxis

Addisonian crisis (also known as Adrenal crisis)

Cardiac conditions, such as but not limited to Postural Tachycardia Syndrome


For all enquiries for K9 Medical Alert Assistance Dogs please use our Contact page.

Our Values

  • Professional in everything we say and do
  • Respectful of everyone
  • Ethical always acting with integrity
  • Innovation we challenge the status quo, in keeping with advances in science and medicine to continually improve the service provided
  • Excellence in the quality of the service we provide
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