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K9 Medical Detection NZ also train dogs to detect infectious diseases allowing our dogs to be deployed anywhere within New Zealand should outbreaks occur which require immediate identification within a specific location. K9 Medical Alert Assistance dogs will also be trained for a specific individual with a specific life-threatening medical condition.

K9 Medical Detection NZ has purpose designed facilities along with specifically designed scent detection equipment for their genetically selected working dogs. All detection work is logged into a specialised computer programme and analysed by our Biostatistician. Whenever our dogs are working on target odour this work is video-recorded and sent for peer review to an International canine scent detection expert in the United States.

To ensure the health and well-being of our dogs K9MD have two Animal Welfare Officers, one in the North Island and one in the South Island. All dogs undergo a full health check every three months and our veterinarians are kept informed of all scent detection work. Canine medical detection dogs are an additional valuable tool in the growing battle against cancer and disease.

The selection process of our dogs for the K9 Medical Detection programme is rigorous and only the best dogs are eligible. Dogs must show enthusiasm and a willing desire to perform any task. This needs to be accompanied by a strong work ethic. Our dogs are required to have an excellent temperament and be calm and confident in any environment and around people.

Dogs in the K9MD programme are not breed specific. Their ability to work combined with temperament determines their suitability. To ensure the availability of suitable dogs we have a development programme where genetically selected puppies are raised and socialised in preparation for their scent detection training. The health and welfare of all our dogs are of paramount importance. All K9MD Dogs are thoroughly checked a minimum of every three months by our programme’s veterinarians.


Weta comes from Heisenberg Kennels. Her genetics are from some of the most sort after working dog lines in Europe.  The Heisenberg Kennels dogs are well known for their stability, great temperaments and strong work ethic. Many dogs are trained as search and rescue dogs, through to security dogs, …
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Frieda is currently training to detect Prostate Cancer in urine. She is working extremely well and we expect her to have completed all the validation stages and be accredited in 2020. When Frieda isn't working in our Training Centre she loves nothing more than a game of tug or chasing a ball.
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When Levi was born his owner knew that he was something special. Levi will be the very first puppy in New Zealand to be specifically trained for medical scent detection work with K9MD. Levi is big – really big – and strong, but he just loves having his tummy …
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Blaze is our K9MD Ambassador and role model. She was with Pauline every step of the way creating K9 Medical Detection New Zealand. She trained in tracking and search work, collected for charity, helped out on the farm, gave comfort to people in rest homes and hospice and joy to …
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We welcome MAGIC to K9 Medical Detection New Zealand. Lukhan Gold Fly Away Magic comes from the best Canadian field-line working Golden Retrievers. Lukhan Gold Kennels. Lukhan Golden Retrievers are well known for their stamina in the field, they have excellent temperament, a strong retrieval drive and agility at work  Massive …
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