Ovarian Cancer

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Ovarian cancer is known as the silent killer. Every 48 hours in New Zealand one women will lose her life to this hideous disease. Of the five gynaecological cancers, ovarian cancer has the highest rate. By the time 85% of women are diagnosed, the disease is in the later stage limiting treatment options.

K9MD has (for some time) been passionate about adding ovarian cancer to our research in order to create a simple non-invasive diagnostic urine test for the early detection of ovarian cancer. We have received initial funding to allow us to purchase a new diagnostic tool in the form of Heisenberg von Pulse – K9MD Hunter. A highly bred working-line German shepherd of international quality. His early training has started, and he has exceeded all expectations. We know he will be a top medical detection dog and truly women’s best friend.

We now need to raise funds for his trainer, a laboratory technician, clinical nurses and of course to take care of Hunter. If you can help us, (thank you!) please help us and donate.

The K9MD Team believe that all New Zealand women deserve the right to have the option of an early, non-invasive test for this horrendous disease.