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The expectation of puppies

We all have butterflies in our tummies at K9MD NZ as we anticipate the arrival of a new puppy who we hope will grow up to be another lifesaving medical detection dog. 

Our new pup has the proven genes to give them a good start on their journey to becoming a high achiever in the K9MD NZ canine squad, but genes are only one part of the puzzle when selecting a dog with the potential to save lives.

What makes a great medical detection dog?

We believe it starts with a great breeder who has a genuine love and respect for their dogs, and who will put the dogs’ care and welfare above all other considerations. An excellent breeder will understand the value of a good bloodline, with the experience to make excellent matches between sire and dam (mum and dad). We asked Claire Penno of Flagstaff Kennels what goes into selecting good parents for a future canine detective.

“I like our dogs to have good natural working ability, keen to retrieve, good temperament and biddable. Before mating, dam and sire have all relevant health tests done: hips, elbows, current clear eye certificate, and DNA testing.” 

Armed with this information, Claire can select a good match for a pair who will produce superlative pups.

“We make sure the dam and sire are compatible with their health tests and their pedigrees. The dam has to be healthy and fit, before, during and after mating. We feed her quality wet and dry food, and she is wormed before mating.”

Once the dam is on heat, progesterone testing starts to gauge optimum mating time.

The dam is expected to whelp approximately 63 days after mating, and that is right about now, folks, so we hope to report on our new arrival in our next issue, when we’ll also explore puppy brain development.