Ovarian Cancer Clinical Trials

Ovarian Cancer Clinical Trials

Ovarian cancer is known as the silent killer. Every 48 hours in New Zealand one women will lose her life to this disease. Of the five gynaecological cancers, ovarian cancer has the highest rate. By the time 85% of women are diagnosed, the disease is in the later stage limiting treatment options.

K9MD is delighted to now have two quality medical detection dogs devoted to training for the early non-invasive detection of Ovarian Cancer. Both K9MD Hunter (German shepherd) and K9MD Hogan (Labrador) has shown their quality genetic heritage and have been imprinted on the odour released for Ovarian cancer cells. Both dogs have exceeded expectations and we anticipate they will complete their Proof-Of-Concept validation in 2024.

Hunter and Hogan will become  top medical detection dogs and truly women’s best friend.

We are delighted to be working with a specialist team for Ovarian cancer from the Canterbury District Health Board.

The K9MD Team believe that all New Zealand women deserve the right to have the option of an early, non-invasive test for this horrendous disease.