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Fosterers Needed in 2024

K9 Medical Detection NZ Charitable Trust (K9MD) trains dogs for the early non-invasive detection of cancer and other diseases. Our high drive working dogs train in our facilities at AgResearch Invermay, Mosgiel, Dunedin.

All puppies/dogs are collected each weekday morning and return home late afternoon during the week. Our dogs are valuable and are working to save lives, hence we have strict guidelines on their environment and care. Properties must be secure and fully fenced. 

We believe in creating the perfect work/life balance for our dogs and are seeking fosterers to join the K9MD family and care for our dogs in their home overnight and in the weekends. You do not need to “give up” the puppy at a certain age. When the dogs retire from their working life the fosterers have the option to take over ownership.

Puppies are also collected each morning during the weekday.  All requirements for the puppy /dog are supplied by K9MD.

As our training centre is in Mosgiel Dunedin our fosterers do need to live in this area. If you would like to know more please register your interest to:

Fosterers required

We are currently seeking fosterers for anticipated Labrador and Retriever puppies due to arrive in 2024.  We are looking for that  special family to care for these puppies as they grow into our future medical detection dogs.  Puppies will be collected during the week and introduced to the world by K9MD's Canine environment trainer. They will be socialised and learn basic obedience. K9MD's puppy trainer will work closely with the fosterers to ensure all puppies needs are met.