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Help make Levi a K9MD star

Medical detection dogs are successfully used in other parts of the world but are a new initiative for New Zealand. Levi is New Zealand’s first puppy to be raised by K9MD specifically for medical detection.

Levi is a pure-bred German shepherd who arrived in Dunedin at just eight weeks old. He comes from an established line of working dogs with his Dad a police dog in Denmark. Destined to be a star from day one, Levi has loads of energy, needs a lot of stimulation and very soon will require extensive special training. But right now, Levi just loves being a puppy and playing with his mates, helping out on the farm and chewing on toys.

Levi will live in Dunedin while he undergoes basic training and a socialisation programme. He will then commence intensive scent detection training in our specialized clinical facility.

We are excited to see what Levi decides he wants to do. Will he become a Medical Detection dog detecting cancer and other diseases? Will he become a Medical Alert Assistance dog looking after someone with a life-threatening medical condition? Or will he become a Medical Detection dog detecting infectious diseases anywhere in New Zealand? One thing we do know is that Levi is going to help change people’s lives.

‘We have the best people and the best dogs, together we can save lives,’ Pauline Blomfield K9MD Founder and Director.

Cancer is New Zealand’s number one killer, with more than 23,000 people diagnosed every year. It’s been widely acknowledged that early detection greatly enhances the success of treatment and helps to increase the chance of survival. If you live in New Zealand, you’ll probably know someone who has been touched by this horrible disease, through testing, treatment, loss of a friend or loved one. What you might not realize is a shocking 9,500 kiwis die of cancer every year, with the numbers expected to increase by 50% by 2035. K9MD would like to help turn that tide, through helping to increase the rates of early detection using their canine medical detection dogs as a non-invasive diagnostic tool. But we can’t do it alone, we need your help to raise funds to get as many dogs saving lives so that we can help make an impact on New Zealand’s number one killer - cancer.

If you would like to help, please go to K9 Medical Detection trust as a whole on Give-A-Little, we truly thank you for your support.

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