Georgina joins specialist Bowel Cancer Group

Georgina joins specialist Bowel Cancer Group

1st April 2022

K9MD is delighted to advise Georgina from The Bowel Cancer Foundation Trust has started a new position as Consumer Representative, at Northern Region Bowel Cancer Tumour Stream Group. The purpose of this group is to provide expert advice on all aspects of bowel cancer service provision. 

Whilst the Bowel Cancer Foundation Trust, founded by Georgina, will gradually come to an end, her passion for bowel cancer research and health remains steadfast. Georgina will continue to support K9MD behind the scenes. Her focus with this new exciting role will be:-

1.2. Identifying priorities for bowel cancer service development.

1.3. Advising on bowel cancer service development at a DHB and regional level.

1.4. Developing and maintaining bowel cancer care standards.

1.5. Ensuring audit activities of bowel cancer services are undertaken regularly.

1.6. Involving consumers in decision making.

1.7. Ensuring an equity focus across all activities.

1.8. Promoting the monitoring of bowel cancer outcomes

The group comprises clinicians and managers from the four northern region DHBs, Cancer Control Agency and Ministry of Health.