K9MD Achieves Government Accreditation

K9MD Achieves Government Accreditation

2nd September 2019

It is with great excitement and pride that we announce K9 Medical Detection New Zealand has been included into the Dog Control Act 1996, authorised to certify Medical Alert disability assist dogs.

This means that a K9 Medical Detection NZ staff member, volunteer or client have the right to take a K9 Medical Alert 'In Training' puppy or dog, or a certified dog, into any public place or travel on any form of public transport. Discrimination against persons relying upon or training a Medical Alert Assistance Dog may be considered a breach of the Human Rights Act 1993 and/or the Dog Control Act 1996.

This is an absolute privilege and of course a responsibility that the K9 Medical Detection NZ Team take very seriously. 

If you feel a Medical Alert Assistance dog may help you with a life threatening condition and contribute to your day to day life, please message us via the contact page.