Prostate Cancer Detection Success

Prostate Cancer Detection Success

15th August 2023


We are thrilled to announce the results of K9MD Magic’s recent Prostate Cancer validation. Completed over 5 consecutive days and checking 300 samples, the validation was independently supervised under strict conditions. The study design was created, and the resulting data analyzed by our Biostatistician. 

Sensitivity (correctly identifying samples with Prostate Cancer) 87.76%

Specificity (currently ignoring samples with no cancer) 98.8%

The results are extra special as the handler for Magic during his validation was K9MD's Junior Handler Tessa Mackenzie. We are so proud of both Tessa and Magic.

This is another step closer to create a simple non-invasive diagnostic test for the detection of Prostate Cancer. 

For those wanting to compare to the accepted current PSA test. Here are estimates that come from a meta study of published research on PSA. In a nutshell, the authors gathered estimates of sensitivity and specificity from lots of different studies. In total there were 19 relevant studies involving 14,489 patients. They then combined the information from these 19 studies together and came up with Sensitivity – 93% and Specificity – 20%.