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Steve White

International Canine Scent Detection Expert

In his 43rd year of a canine-centered law enforcement career, Steve White is the only person to have served as a handler, trainer, training sergeant, and supervisor for the Seattle Police Canine Unit. He specialises in the use of video and technology to support analytical and training processes.

He is Accredited as a Master Trainer by the Washington State Police Canine Association, has served as Vice President of the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, and is a consultant and instructor for the K9 Academy for Law Enforcement. He has instructed at seminars round the world.

He specialises in teaching behaviour modification, tracking and scent work through positive reinforcement-based operant conditioning. He has been recognised as an expert witness in dog behaviour matters.

Visit his website: www.proactivek9.com

Our Values

  • Professional in everything we say and do
  • Respectful of everyone
  • Ethical always acting with integrity
  • Innovation we challenge the status quo, in keeping with advances in science and medicine to continually improve the service provided
  • Excellence in the quality of the service we provide
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