About Us & Our Team

Many diseases and disease-causing agents give off volatiles (odours). By training our dogs to detect these specific odours it is possible to minimise the spread of the disease and identify at-risk patients sooner. This enables earlier commencement of treatment potentially leading to improved patient outcomes.

K9 Medical Detection NZ also trains their dogs to detect infectious diseases allowing our dogs to be deployed anywhere within New Zealand should outbreaks occur which require immediate identification within a specific location. Canine medical alert assistance dogs can also be trained for a specific individual with a specific life-threatening medical condition.

K9 Medical Detection NZ has purpose designed facilities along with specifically designed scent detection equipment for their genetically selected working dogs. All detection work is logged into a specialised computer programme and analysed by our Biostatistician. Whenever our dogs are working on target odour this work is video-recorded and sent for peer review to an International canine scent detection expert in the United States.

To ensure the health and well-being of our dogs K9MD have two Animal Welfare Officers, one in the North Island and one in the South Island. All dogs undergo a full health check every three months and our veterinarians are kept informed of all scent detection work.

K9 Medical Detection dogs are an additional valuable tool in the growing battle against cancer and disease.

Canine Specialists

It is our policy to ensure that the very highest welfare standards are provided for our dogs.

Medical Alert Assist

Relevant medical professionals will be consulted and involved in all aspects of scent detection training depending on each individual person’s medical condition and requirements.
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